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Tashua Knolls Mens Club


There are several types of tournaments the club operates. Each type is described below. However, another type may be added, in which case its details will be posted on the men's locker room and/or the porch bulletin boards at the clubhouse. There is a tournament each weekend of the season. All tournaments are played only during the weekend and holiday days.

Each BOARD tournament is open to all registered members of the club without payment of any entry fee. There are usually 12-13 BOARDS each season. Each member may play in each BOARD of each weekend, but he may play only one day of each event. He must declare which day, Saturday or Sunday, he wishes to compete before hitting his first shot by signing up on the tournament sign-up sheet posted at the clubhouse outdoor bulletin boards. Upon signing up, he must also register which flight he is playing in. There are GROSS and NET flights. Failure to sign up before his first shot makes him ineligible for that day's play. Awards are funded from member dues already paid. Players are required to obtain their own rack time, and must play with another member who must attest the player's score. For handicap purposes BOARD tournament scores are to be posted as non-tournament scores.  But play must be according to the USGA Rules of Golf and club Local Rules.

For special tournaments such as on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, Fourth of July, etc. an entry fee is required. This is usually $3 or $5 per player. Both GROSS and NET awards are made in accordance with the format of the particular tournament. These tournaments are usually individual day tournaments so there may be two on a weekend, or three on a long weekend. A member may then participate once, twice, or three times in one weekend. All entry fees received are returned as awards for the tournament. Players are required to obtain their own rack time, and must play with another member who must attest the player's score.

There are tournaments the club normally has reserved times for play. They are; Stableford, One and/or Two Day Member/Guest, One and/or Two Day Member/Member, Club Championship, and Tashua Cup. The Club Championship (individual player) tournament is elimination match play. All of the Member/Guest and Member/Member tournaments are two man team format, usually competing in GROSS and NET four ball ("better ball") stroke play.  Tashua Cup format is similar to the PGA Ryder Cup formats.  Entry fees vary for the Tashua Cup (usually includes food and drink, and hat or shirt), $0 for the Club Championship and its handicap flights, and varying more significant fees for the Member/Guest and Member/Member tournaments as they include more significant awards and also have meals included as part of their events. Players do not have to rack for these tournaments as reserved times are assigned to each player or team.

Members must watch for announcements at the clubhouse for changes and other tournament information.

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