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Tashua KnollsTashua Knolls
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Tashua Knolls — Rules & Policies

Tashua Knolls Golf Course is a public golf facility that maintains the highest level of professional standards for our entire staff.  We continue to invest in improvements to the golf course and facilities and expect that all  our patrons will exercise care and courtesy while enjoying their round.

As a courtesy to all golfers, Tashua Knolls expects that proper etiquette, dress code, and pace of play rules will be observed at all times.

Golf Cars
*Players renting golf cars are reminded to use care in operating their vehicle to prevent injury to themselves or other golfers, as well as to prevent damage to the golf course.
*All cars must stay at least 30 feet from tee boxes and putting greens.
*If cart path is provided, please keep golf cars on asphalt paths around the tees and greens.
* Players with handicap flags are allowed inside ropes and must park at least 25 feet from green surfaces unless a handicap indicator is provided for you at the hole. 
*You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license to rent or operate a golf car.

Playing 9 holes
*On Tashua Knolls, golfers may reserve 9 holes anytime Monday-Friday and after 3:30pm on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.  Golfers may play 9 holes anytime on Tashua Glen.
*You must pay for 18 holes for rounds prior to 3:30pm on Saturdays, Sunday and Holidays.
*During fall and March to Mid April season, 9 holes will be allowed on weekends and holidays after 12pm. 

Pace Of Play Policy
GOALS: 9-hole round - 2 hours, 10 minutes; 18-hole round - 4 hours, 20 minutes
In order to achieve these goals, every group must strive to keep pace with the group in front of them. Please keep in mind it only takes one group to slow the pace of play and ruin the enjoyment of the round for those stacked up behind the slow group. Player Assistants will be on the course to determine if a group is "out of position".

A new Flag System will be employed on the carts of our Player Assistants:
*If a Player Assistant approaches your group displaying a green flag, you are on pace.
*If a Player Assistant approaches your group displaying a yellow flag, you will be informed, politely, that you are out of position and will be asked to pick up your pace.
*If, upon returning in about 15 minutes, the Player Assistant is displaying a red flag, you should consider that you are seriously out of position. The Player Assistant will stay with your group and try to help you improve your pace of play.
*If your group cannot regain position with the help of the Player Assistant, he may ask your gorup to move to the proper position designated by the Player Assistant.

Your cooperation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated by the staff and all Tashua golfers. This policy is an effort to make your experience at Tashua Knolls a most enjoyable one.

Tee Time Check-In
*All golfers must register at least 15 minutes prior to your tee time. Our starter's will expect your full group to be waiting on deck 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.  The pro shop is not responsible for you being late.  Golfers registering after this time period may lose their previously scheduled time.  If a group member is running late, please pay for them and our staff will graciously escort them out to you.

*Please arrive to the first tee prepared to play.  We recommend having your extra tees, balls, ball markers in your pocket prior to arriving to the first tee. Last amended 2006.

NO Show & Tee Time Cancellation Policy:
All golfers are required to cancel 24 hours prior to your tee time. You must cancel by phone or in person during business hours. You may not email or a leave voicemail to cancel a reservation. Tee times cancelled inside of this window will be subject to a charge of $20 per person.

*Golfers who do not call will be noted and may be subject to suspension from future bookings. Last amended 2006

Rain Check Policy: Rainchecks will be issued in accordance with Tashua rain policy procedures.  All rainchecks issued will expire at the end of the current golf season.  Balances will not carry over to the following season. Please plan accordingly. Last amended 2009.

Dress Code:
*Men must wear collared shirts, mock, or turtleneck attire.
*Women may wear sleeveless or collarless tops, mock, or turtleneck attire.
*All players must wear soft spikes or sneakers on the golf course.
* The following are not allowed for play: short shorts, cutoffs, blue jeans, workout clothing, tennis shorts, tank tops, halter tops, men's sleeveless shirts, or any clothing exhibiting tasteless messages.
* Children 10-years old and younger are exempt from the above unless they wear ripped, overly worn, or attire with tasteless messages.
Last amended 2014.

Coolers & Alcohol Policy:
Personal coolers are not allowed on the Tashua golf properties. Exception: for medical reasons. All coolers may be subject to search.
*Only alcohol purchased from our concessionaire will be allowed onto the golf course per Connecticut liquor laws. Last amended 2009

Tashua Knolls is a soft-spike golf course.
 If you still have steel spikes, our Pro Shop has a complete assortment of replacement spikes and shoes for your convenience and shop staff will be glad to help.

USGA Rules Govern All Play Except Where Modified by Local Rules

  • Out of Bounds - White Stakes  (Holes 1, 4, 5, 10, 14, 18)
  • Free Drop: Cart Paths  (Relief Plus 1 Club Length)
  • Water Hazards - Yellow Stakes  (Holes 7, 8, 15, 16)
  • Lateral Hazards - Red Stakes  (Holes 1, 2, 4, 6, 14, 15, 16, 17)
  • Repair Ball Marks  (Yours plus one other)
  • Keep Golf Cars on Car Paths on all Par 3's.  The starter will post daily cart rules.

Check with Pro Shop & Starter for Latest Updates!  It is each players responsibility to check for late breaking rule changes that may be in effect due to changing course conditions.  All golfers are expected to observe rules as posted and, when necessary, to follow guidance given by Rangers, Player Assistants, and other Staff members.

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